Co-deciding Europe project results

The CODE Europe project piloted a digital crowdsourcing process in six European countries on the subject of air quality. During the four crowdsourcing phases which ran from January 2022 till January 2023, a total of 98.224 European citizens participated on-line in Problem Mapping, Problem Solving, Ideas Selection and Policy Formulation. Based on the crowdsourced contributions of EU citizens, CODE Europe has developed and presented to policy-makers 10 proposals how to improve air quality in Europe.

Crowdsourcing process results

45.888 European citizens took part in Phase One of the crowdsourcing, “Problem Mapping” which ran from January till March 2022. The citizens were asked to identify specific problems related to air quality that they encounter in their daily life.

44.719 European citizens participated in Phase Two, “Problem Solving” which ran from April to July 2022. The citizens were asked to propose solutions to the air quality problems they had mapped in Phase 1.

6.487 European citizens participated in Phase 3, “Ideas Selection” which ran from August till October 2022. The citizens were asked to register and identify digitally in order to evaluate and selected which of the solutions proposed in Phase 2 they support, in order to put forward to policy makers on the EU, national and local level the most popular ideas and priorities.

1.130 European citizens participated in Phase 4, “Policy Formulation” which ran from October 2022 till 15 January 2023. Citizens had to register and digitally identify themselves to take part in this phase, where they helped edit policy proposals on air quality developed on the basis of the previous three phases together with experts in the field guided by the European Environmental Bureau.