Towards a Crowdsourcing Pilot for EU Citizens: Recommendations

Based on seven conference type workshops organized for citizens, experts and government officials interesting in crowdsourcing in Ljubljana, London, Amsterdam, Athens, Paris, Helsinki and Riga, the following recommendations for the crowdsourcing pilot for EU citizens were created to support debate on the Future of Europe:

1. Recommended EU policy fields / topics that could be crowdsourced: Environment and Healthcare (e.g. air quality). Both are affecting daily life of EU citizens and are representing shared competences of the EU.

2. Recommended tools / platforms to be used: a single platform at the EU level which should be transparent and open-source, multilingual, include multiple ways of participation and contributions, scalable and user-friendly.

3. Recommended time frame / democratic policy cycle phases: “issue identification” by collecting ideas and “policy formulation” through solutions identified by citizens.

The document Towards a Crowdsourcing Pilot for EU Citizens: Recommendations from the EUCROWD Project (pdf) was presented and discussed with relevant EU decision-makers and interested stakeholders at the concluding EUCROWD conference in Brussels.

“Co-building policy with citizens to improve democracy in Europe”

Invitation to the French edition of the EUCROWD conference


15 ter rue Vaugirard, 75006 Paris, France, 20 June 2017

French language invitation

The aim of the conference is to share and discuss experiences and visions of citizens participation in public decisions from the view of confidence, efficiency, transparency and legitimacy. French cases of using collective intelligence digital platforms within the civil society for decisions involving the general interest will be presented. Facilitated workshop will invite participants to work on the proposed general issue of participation to the democratic daily processes by distant audiences, either from the “res publica” or the digital life. Special guests, like associations used to work with disadvantaged and “disconnected” people, will participate to these workshops to enlighten the discussions.

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“Taking control of politics: can digital democracy help?”

Invitation to the EUCROWD workshop and meetup


Newspeak House, London, United Kingdom, 9 February 2017

How well are we using online and digital technology to take part in politics? Do platforms already exist for engaging with politics from a local to European level, or do we need to create something new? If so what, and how?

The Democratic Society will host an online discussion forum and an offline event for members of the public and for professionals in the field to consider the state of play of digital democratic participation in Britain today and to come up with ideas for the future.

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Citizens crowdsourcing presentation for students at the University of Ljubljana

Preliminary conclusions from the European Citizen Action Service ongoing study of citizens crowdsourcing for enhancing democratic engagement in the European Union were presented to the students at the Faculty of social sciences at the University of Ljubljana as a follow up to the international EUCROWD conference.

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