Report from EUCROWD event in Brussels

EUCROWD Brussels concluding conference

The eight EUCROWD public event took place in Brussels on 27th February 2018. The concluding conference of the EUCROWD project “Crowdsourcing EU legislation: Taking decisions with citizens and not for them!” organized by European Citizen Action Service brought together 71 citizens from 20 different countries. The first part of the conference gave an overview of insightful national crowdsourcing practices from the project partners and conclusions from EUCROWD conferences in member states relevant for the EU decision-making process. The second part provided recommendations on the most suitable policies to be crowdsourced at EU level and relevant policy-cycle phases and democratic debate steps for piloting the EU level crowdsourcing on the future of Europe.


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Conference programme 27 February 2018

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Summary report

Conference summary report and event report.

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Full report

Crowdsourcing EU legislation: Taking Decisions With Citizens and Not For Them! (pdf).

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Concluding interviews

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Synthesis of presentations (pdf).

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More photos: Digital Democracy Day 2018: Crowdsourcing EU Legislation on 27 February 2018.

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Twitter moment

EUCROWD conference in Brussels

Storify: Digital Democracy Day 2018 – Crowdsourcing EU Legislation: Taking Decisions With EU Citizens and Not For Them

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The EUCROWD event in Brussels was organized by European Citizen Action Service with the financial support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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