Europe for Citizens Programme 2016
Activity: Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Civil society projects
Project time frame: 1 September 2016 – 28 February 2018. Duration in months: 18.
Project budget: 147.750 EUR.
Project identifier: 577356-CITIZ-1-2016-1-SI-CITIZ-CIV.

(1) Organizing in a methodological way 7 conference type workshops in Ljubljana, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Riga, Athens, Helsinki and a concluding conference in Brussels with the following objectives:

  • to reflect on the crowdsourcing and other e-participation experiences at national level by presenting case studies / lessons learned;
  • to discuss technological, societal, cultural, political challenges for citizens, organizers and decision-makers when crowdsourcing for politics and policy;
  • to brainstorm a draft framework for an EU level pilot of crowdsourcing on the future of Europe based on the analysis of 25 international examples of crowdsourcing initiatives assessed against a set of objectives relevant for the EU decision-making process;
  • to reflect on both the most suitable policies to be crowdsourced at EU level and the most appropriate e-participation tools to be used based on the national experience;
  • to identify and map influencers, drivers, supporters and promoters of crowdsourcing as an innovative, deliberative method of e-participation based on ICT.

(2) Desk research and collecting primary/secondary sources on citizens crowdsourcing for the purpose of an on-line repository (Knowledge centre on Digital Democracy) as a part of project website. Repository will feature best practice cases, state-of-the-art knowledge and guidelines in citizens-crowdsourcing at the national and European level.

(3) Analytical work for preparing policy recommendations on the EU perspective of crowdsourcing including the framework for the crowdsourcing pilot at the EU level based on conclusions from conferences and desk research findings on how (online) crowdsourcing can foster European citizenship, encourage participation of citizens at the Union level and support debate on the Future of Europe. The document will be presented and discussed with relevant EU decision-makers and interested stakeholders at the concluding conference in Brussels as a part of dissemination and awareness rising activities.

(4) Stakeholders community building in the field of citizens crowdsourcing as part of strategic initiative of civil society organizations aiming to advocate and promote citizens oriented open government and digital democracy at the EU level.