Working Paper on Crowdsourcing for democratic engagement in the EU

ECAS study

European Citizen Action Service has been researching how to apply the crowdsourcing method as a complementary tool to existing frameworks in order to expand the number of contributors to EU policy-making, remove potential barriers to participation and “engage the unengaged” throughout Europe. This has been done by assessing 27 national case studies of crowdsourcing worldwide in order to examine if the EU can benefit from the lessons learnt in this field.

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European Citizens Crowdsourcing project

Institute for Electronic participation (INePA) is pleased to announce the launch of the European Citizens Crowdsourcing (EUCROWD) project. The project aims to raise awareness of the possibilities and to develop the skills at national and European level for using innovative channels of e-participation of citizens in politics and policy with a focus on the application of crowdsourcing in fostering a democratic debate on the future of the European Union. More about the project.

The project “European Citizens Crowdsourcing – EUCROWD” has been funded with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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