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Digital communication tools have not so far produced a dramatic increase in public participation or trust in representative democracy, neither have they hailed the end of these institutions. However, thanks to communication technologies and the Internet, society is becoming more inclined to direct-action democracy.

Institute for Electronic participation is pleased to announce the launch of the European Citizens Crowdsourcing (EUCROWD) project. The project aims to raise awareness of the possibilities and to develop the skills at national and European level for using innovative channels of e-participation of citizens in politics and policy with a focus on the application of crowdsourcing in fostering a democratic debate on the future of the European Union.

As a part of the closing event for the Europe for Citizens Programme 2014–2020 "Citizens For Europe: The Success Stories", the European Citizens Crowdsourcing (EUCROWD) project coordinated by Institute for Electronic Participation in 2016-2018 gained recognition as the success story of the Europe for Citizens Programme. The project raised awareness of the possibilities and developed the skills for using innovative channels of e-participation of citizens in politics and policy.

Presentations, photos and videos from the e-Democracy Conference 2012 are available from the conference web site For the third year in a row, beautiful Ohrid welcomed around 70 enthusiasts and supporters of the e-Democracy concept, among them representatives from Parliaments, Governments, Official Journals, international organizations, businesses, academics and NGOs including Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA).

Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga organized the discussion »THE POWER AND THE INTERNET«, which was held on Friday, 23rd November 2012 at Faculty of Administration in scope of the program Active citizens take action.

Guest speakers were: Tanja Fajon, Member of European Parliament, Nataša Pirc Musar, Commissioner for Access to Public Information, Simon Delakorda, Institute for Electronic Participation, Blaž Golob, Center for e-governence, Nikolaj Jeffs, University of Primorska. Moderator was Filip Dobranić (Hekovnik/ZiP).Video about the discussion

Video about the project Active Citizens Take Action


Political parties are facing many challenges when interacting with citizens both off-line and on-line. Low public confidence, decreasing voter turnout and using internet for politics-as-usual are amongst them. These issues were reflected during two regional conferences “Information Technologies and Political Participation” and “The role of the political parties in the electoral process”.

We are pleased to introduce a new presentation brochure containing the most important information and facts about the Institute for Electronic Participation non-governmental organisation (INePA).

The brochure is presenting Institute for Electronic Participation mission, expertise, fields of work, affiliations, key projects, recognitions and legal information as well providing a selection of photos from digital democracy and e-participation activities implemented by INePA.

Za in proti, Zavod za kulturo dialoga organized an international conference "Active Citizens Take Action" in Maribor (Slovenia) as a part of international project ACTA. The conference focused on regulation of the internet and the internet as an enabler of democratic participation. Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA) participated at the conference by organizing a round table "Electronic direct democracy and popular uprisings on the Internet" and two workshops "Internet as an enabler of popular uprisings?” and “On-line tools for discussing immigration policy in the EU”. Abstracts and photo gallery from round table as well video from workshops are presented below.

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Prispevamo k razvoju demokracije in sodelovanju javnosti z družbeno inovativno uporabo interneta. Zavod INePA (Inštitut za elektronsko participacijo) je prva profesionalna nevladna organizacija na področju razvoja demokracije in sodelovanja javnosti s pomočjo novih spletnih tehnologij. Inštitut deluje kot strokovni vir znanja, informacij in izkušenj ter kot priznana referenca za uspešno izvajanje kompleksnih partnerskih projektov na področju e-participacije in e-demokracije.

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