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Conference ACTA – Active Citizens Take Action

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ACTA-INePA-MariborZa in proti, Zavod za kulturo dialoga organized an international conference "Active Citizens Take Action" in Maribor (Slovenia) as a part of international project ACTA. The conference focused on regulation of the internet and the internet as an enabler of democratic participation. Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA) participated at the conference by organizing a round table "Electronic direct democracy and popular uprisings on the Internet" and two workshops "Internet as an enabler of popular uprisings?” and “On-line tools for discussing immigration policy in the EU”. Abstracts and photo gallery from round table as well video from workshops are presented below.

Round table Electronic direct democracy and popular uprisings on the Internet

Panel focused on electronic direct democracy concept as model for political and community based organisation of digital society. Preconditions needed for its implementation and lessons from practical examples (liquid democracy and e-referendum) were examined. Finally, impact of popular uprisings on internet as a reaction to current crisis of political and economic governance as well increasing digital regulation and internet control were discussed. Key issues addressed by discussants were: What is definition of electronic direct democracy, why electronic direct democracy is worth advocating in current political and economic crisis, what are experiences with electronic direct democracy, are popular uprisings one among of examples of electronic direct democracy, how effective they are in light of increasing internet control and digital regulation. Round table discussants were Simon Delakorda (INePA), Bojana Šekeljić (Dokukino), Filip Muki Dobranić (, Jang Man (Direct Democracy Network). Discussion was moderated by Matej Delakorda (Studio 12).

Internet as an enabler of popular uprisings?

Presentation confronted normative assumptions of electronic public sphere with Internet practices of popular uprisings. Both perspectives were linked by grass-roots digital democracy model. An overview of internet tools used by citizens during public protests in Slovenia were presented in terms of resource mobilization, virtual struggles and alternative knowledge production. Issues with an on-line slacktivism and clicktivism were addressed from uprisings impact perspective.

On-line tools for discussing immigration policy in the EU (Puzzled by Policy project)

Workshop aimed at people attracted by immigration issues at national and the EU level as well interested to use on-line tools for discussing them. Opinions and views on immigration for employment, study and family reunification purposes as well problems with illegal immigration were profiled by workshop participants with the help of on-line tools and visually compared in relation to other citizens and institutions. Facilitated on-line discussion about immigration issues and web 2.0 social media for building immigration community of interest were presented. Workshop was organized as a part of Puzzled by Policy project.

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Prispevamo k razvoju demokracije in sodelovanju javnosti z družbeno inovativno uporabo interneta. Zavod INePA (Inštitut za elektronsko participacijo) je prva profesionalna nevladna organizacija na področju razvoja demokracije in sodelovanja javnosti s pomočjo novih spletnih tehnologij. Inštitut deluje kot strokovni vir znanja, informacij in izkušenj ter kot priznana referenca za uspešno izvajanje kompleksnih partnerskih projektov na področju e-participacije in e-demokracije.

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