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SMARTeD project events summary, results and recommendations

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SMARTeD_projectSmart eDemocracy Against Fake News project involved 557 participants from 12 local workshops and 2 international conferences in 7 EU countries. The project improved participants awareness of raising amount of national and EU level fake news, fake news impact on citizen’s use of eDemocracy tools and how to tackle disinformation challenge through increase of e-participation in rural areas. Main findings of the SMARTeD project are available in Recommendations to EU and member states to tackle disinformation.

Short description of the project's results:

    • 12 local workshops and 2 international conferences implemented in 7 EU countries. Events Improved awareness among project target groups, especially (young) European citizens from rural areas about various national and EU level eDemocracy tools, what skills are needed to use them in context with raising number of fake news and populism (e.g. 50% of Slovenian participants indicated that their awareness had significantly improved).
    • Improved communication between EU institutions initiatives and local citizens of EU and their needs, creating a platform to help to see local and national challenges in context with EU level challenges and to feel more EU citizen with believe in active e-participation as a tool for active citizenship (as well as the EU scope was a part of local workshops).
    • Project activities have increased citizen’s understanding of the EU and the results from all 12 local workshops shows that the majority of participants are either “well developed” or “somewhat developed” their (a) curiosity about current European issues, (b) their sense of responsibility as European active citizens and (c) their ownership of European values and a shared vision on the future of Europe. Evaluation answers from all the local events, show a positive outlook towards the citizens’ understanding of the EU (e.g. 30 % of Slovenian participants indicated that their understanding of the EU very increased).
    • Clear awareness of the situation how raising amount of national and EU level fake news affects real citizens from rural areas, what impact it leaves on citizen's use of eDemocracy tools and how to tackle this challenge through increase of level of e-participation in rural areas.
    • 51269 people reached indirectly during project dissemination activities.

More information is available on the website of Smart eDemocracy Against Fake News project.

SMARTeD project recommendations     SMARTeD project implementation info

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Project "Smart eDemocracy Against Fake News – SMARTeD" has been funded with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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Prispevamo k razvoju demokracije in sodelovanju javnosti z družbeno inovativno uporabo interneta. Zavod INePA (Inštitut za elektronsko participacijo) je prva profesionalna nevladna organizacija na področju razvoja demokracije in sodelovanja javnosti s pomočjo novih spletnih tehnologij. Inštitut deluje kot strokovni vir znanja, informacij in izkušenj ter kot priznana referenca za uspešno izvajanje kompleksnih partnerskih projektov na področju e-participacije in e-demokracije.

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