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Descriptive analysis of the survey on disinformation and fake news

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SMARTeD_projectAs a part of the SMARTeD project, an on-line survey on disinformation and fake news has been implemented to collect national realities, approaches and practical applications with the following specific objectives: (1) to assess the overall relevance of the issue of the disinformation and fake news in partnering countries of the project, (2) to assess the significance and effectiveness of different actions aimed to minimise the negative effects of the disinformation on national and European level, including actions that can be taken by online platforms, and the use of e-democracy tools and (3) to address the role of politicisation in disinformation strategies as one of the causes of disinformation and fake news.

On-line survey assessed the relevance of the issue of the disinformation and fake news in 6 EU member states Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Latvia and Slovenia. On-line survey data collection took place in October and November 2018.

Target groups
The survey target group were academic experts with relevant backgrounds, representatives from organisations specialising in studying the disinformation and its effects on society, civil society organisations working in areas of media, democracy and civil society as well as journalists.

Topics covered in report
This reports highlights the main results in mapping the disinformation and fake news issue in surveyed countries (extent, personal experience, affected areas, agents, channels, politicisation of information) and different dimensions of tackling the problem (measures, policies, tools, actors).

Due to the non-probability sample of the survey, the results are not representative for surveyed countries populations nor for surveyed target groups.

Survey consortium
The on-line survey was implemented by the SMARTeD consortium partners lead by in collaboration with the University of Latvia.


SMARTeD survey report

Project "Smart eDemocracy Against Fake News – SMARTeD" has been funded with the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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