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Citizen Participation Week 2012 in Ljubljana

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Already third year in a row, Institute for Electronic Participation took part in the Citizens Participation Week 2012 by presenting possibilities and advantages of using internet for civic participation, activism and community building at the LUPA NGOs festival in Ljubljana.

A the stand of the Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA), hosted by Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs (CNVOS) as a part of the non-governmental organization festival LUPA, visitors and passers-by were informed about e-participation and e-democracy presented in INePA brochure as well Puzzled by Policy project aiming to provide citizens with an engaging and easy-to-use on-line platform, where they can learn about and give their voice to policy issues concerning immigration in the European Union.

Since 2005, Citizen Participation Week (CPW) is highlighting issues that are about people and their communities by promoting citizen's participation. Local and small regional issues, problems and alternatives are putted on the agenda, while the notions of participation and democracy, and the opportunities for active citizenship, involvement and local action are also discussed, with an emphasis on good practices. The Citizens Participation Week is presenting European wide advocacy campaign in 20 countries coordinated by the Central and Eastern European Citizens Network.

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Prispevamo k razvoju demokracije in sodelovanju javnosti z družbeno inovativno uporabo interneta. Zavod INePA (Inštitut za elektronsko participacijo) je prva profesionalna nevladna organizacija na področju razvoja demokracije in sodelovanja javnosti s pomočjo novih spletnih tehnologij. Inštitut deluje kot strokovni vir znanja, informacij in izkušenj ter kot priznana referenca za uspešno izvajanje kompleksnih partnerskih projektov na področju e-participacije in e-demokracije.

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